Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Simply Pretty Tiffany's Bracelet

     I did too much pondering today to the point where I've made myself glum. I guess life isn't all rainbows and butterfingers. There's a few things I would go back and changed if I could; there's two years I wish I could erase. Heck with 'no regrets.'

     But anyways, you came here to look at pretty bracelets as the post title promised. I will honor that. It's just times like these I wish I had a little sparkly thing around my wrist that I could play with and move around in circles. I could wallow in self-pity... in fashion.

     This would be ideal:

      The bracelet is sterling silver and it's got the pretty little aquamarine thing in the center. I'm a fan of aquamarine. It even sounds good. I can just picture it draped around my hand when I'm walking around. It's just simple. It's just pretty.


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