Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cheap Ralph Lauren Casual Shirts

     I'm such a 12-year-old girl when it comes to cute guys. At work last week there was this handsome fellow from sales being friendly and talking to me down in the basement and I'm sure I was just smiling like a dork happy to be there. Well, he offered me zucchini bread later so maybe it wasn't as tragic as I originally thought. You don't just hand out zucchini bread. But anyways he'll make his smooth little comments like "Nice to see you again, Katie. Maybe they could get you some windows down here, you know?" and smile so charmingly and I'm just like, "uh, ha... windows." Face palm!

      Before I drown in my misery, I will post a great deal on some great shirts. I just got these today!

This is red.

Did someone say $13.99?
It has great fabric, it feels good, and it has a cute little buckle on the sleeve.
A cute buckle - no joke? no joke!
Go to class. Go to lunch. Go shopping.
Dress it up.
Or dress it down with jeans and such.

You know the drill.


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