Thursday, July 19, 2012

Joie Collection Women's Dresses

joie long white barefoot dress

The Joie collection is understatedly chic.

I love dresses that are simply effortless. 

joie short green silk dress
I usually don't opt for the brighter colors, but this dress design was simple and laid-back enough. It's 100% silk, so it has a little shimmer that subtly reflects off your skin. I love that's it feels airy and hangs off my shoulders and cascades down from my waist. If you have light skin and brown hair, then shamrock is your new color - or at least it's mine!

Here I am in downtown Chicago! 

Susette Dress Hot Coral $118 $82.60!
Ah, sale! I would be all over those cut-out sleeves, but it's not exactly my color. I'd say hot coral looks good on all-around darker complexions. So, people who... like their shoulders... get this!
*on a side note: I, personally, would tie the tie up higher on my waist.. like this... call me crazy...

So, uh, here's Joie :)
Joie long flowing dress
what a wonderful place to sit!


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