Monday, July 23, 2012

Coach Flats and Coach Logo

     I'm an oddball. I like to buy coach shoes that show the logo, but not the ones that are just plastered with it. It gets to a point where there's not much more you can do but get a 4-C tattoo. Permanently branded! That's the spirit.

     Anyways, I still want everyone around me to know that I, on occasion, pay more than 9 bucks for a pair of shoes. Therefore, I will settle for discretely displaying my coach symbol. Here's two flats that I like:

brown metallic coach flats

This one is a little logo-crazy but the sleek metallic look makes up for it. Just imagine yourself strolling down the street with these and some casual medium wash jeans. Maybe even the jeans that are stressed and come with predetermined holes in them. Oh, you'd look so casual in your holy jeans!

black coach flat
These. These are perfect.
Just... thank you Shoe God.

Here! Here! I found these Sophia Flats at Coach Flats$128


  1. First ones are so cute! :)


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